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longines replica watches's latest timekeeper brings a minute repeater, a highly complex complication to a whole new level. Admiral's Cup Legend46 Minute Repeater Acoustica, the watch that uses chords to represent the time instead of single notes is the first in the world. The minute repeater is activated by two gongs simultaneously, instead of one as was done in the past.omega replica This innovative timepiece, which further develops a classical complication, is available in three versions and an extremely limited edition of only ten pieces.

Four Gongs to Play the ChordsInstead of the usual two gongs used to show the time, the exclusive CO 102 has four. The back of the movement has two lower-pitched gongs tuned to C (or more commonly called do) and E. Two higher-pitched gongs are located on the opposite side of the caliber. They produce G (sol), and C (which is an octave above the first tone). Each gong is adjusted manually, which requires skill and an ear for music.

The mechanism can be activated by turning the bezel 27 degrees right. After the mechanism has been activated, feeler spindles detect the signals of the hour, quarter-hour, and minute snails. These signals are then used to activate levers which trigger the hammers in the gongs. The (lower C-G) chord is used to mark hours. Quarters are indicated by a combination chord, and minutes by E-(higher C). For example, the current time of 7:48 am will have seven C-G (for seven) chords. Three combinations of chords will indicate three quarters, and three E-C (for minutes) chords. The new method of using multiple gongs not only makes the time more complex but also louder.

A Movement Visible From Both Sides The innovative mechanical movement of the longines replica watches Admiral’s Cup Legend Minute Repeater Acoustica is visible on both sides through the skeletonized dial and the display case back. Calibre CO 102 features a barrel that is used to power the striking mechanism.Richard Mille Replica The hand-wound movement has a 100-hour power reserve. The mechanical movement is a 3 Hz oscillator, with 42 rubies, and features hand-decorated circular-grained, satin-brushed and Cotes de Geneve decoration on the main-plate and the bridges. It also has an engraving of the watchmakers' logo. The innovative caliber supports minute repeater, hour and minutes functions (indicated by dauphine-styled, rhodium coated skeleton hands).